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Welcome to our Giles High School Alumni Association Web Site, which was published September 1, 2014.

Feel free to explore this site, make notes about your ideas-suggestions-likes-dislikes-how we can improve-fundraising ideas- and anything else you want to say.

Please read our Mission Statement thoroughly so you will know what our Association is aspiring to accomplish, as well as what our future mission can include.

This site can help in your individual class reunion planning, sending messages by email, posting your needs and plans on this site for your class to access, and more.

Once you become familiar with our web site, you will be amazed at the many features that are available to help each of us. If you identify a site change/improvment that you would like to have done for our web site, contact us and we will pursue your suggestion.

Your Alumni Association (GHSAA, Giles High School Alumni Association) web site is a dynamic tool in your hands to assist you in many positive tasks; please use it to the maximum.

Enjoy your first visit to your new web site and return often.



Douglas Jack Turner, Class of 1962

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Many thanks to Giles High School Principal, Jason Mills, for adding our website as a link on the Giles High School website,

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                                 Majestic Angel's Rest


Angel's Rest is a beautiful site to those who come home to visit parents, family and friends.

Those of us who live in Giles County are blessed with the view of this majestic mountain.

                          Coming Home -  Angel's Rest



                          Angel's Rest Sunset


                  Hamp Munsey and Doug Turner

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                 Giles Alumni Cheerleaders 2014

Click on the following link to enjoy the last eight minutes of the classic movie. "It's a Wonderful Life".
This is both inspirational, emotional and memorable.      


                                             CHARTER MEMBERS

Every person who joins our Alumni Association prior to January 1, 2015 will forever be recognized as a CHARTER MEMBER of the Giles High School Alumni Association. All you have to do is find your name in the total list of GHS graduates for your year of graduation and complete and submit your profile. Please include your mail address so we can communicate with you.


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Each of us embarked on our own unique journey after we left Giles High School for the last time that June day in 1962. We, as a graduating class of 182 seniors, were the first class to graduate from Giles High School and we led the way for the next several thousand seniors to follow in our footsteps. As I write this on April 22, 2014, in six short weeks it will have been 52 years since that day when we would all be together for the last time in our lives. Did any of us entertain thoughts on our day of graduation about some future day of how we would reflect back not only about our graduation but also the graduation of 52 other classes from our brand new Giles High School of 1962? At least 182 very interesting books could have been written about the young men and women who dared to be a Spartan and join the ranks of workers, college students, soldiers, married couples, moms and dads, grandparents, and good citizens of this great nation of people from every walk of life. Many from our group have gone before us and experienced what we have yet to experience but which awaits every person among us as we are called upon to write the last chapter in our one of 182 books. May we enjoy this last leg of our journey as much as we've enjoyed our previous 70 years and may we enjoy the company of our fellow classmates and schoolmates during the remaining time allocated us. Well, don't just sit there on your fanny, get up and do something that will be remembered as an unselfish act, something that will long benefit those who will follow us and those who will follow them. Be supportive of your beloved Giles High School by way of supporting our Giles High School Alumni Association. God Bless You.


Our Giles High School Alumni Association was initially conceived in February, 2014. Donations were solicited from a select few former classmates and graduates of Giles High School and our membership grew quickly from the Group Page concept of Facebook. In less than 8 weeks over 1,200 people joined our Alumni Association as graduates and/or honorary members. The following Mission Statement will be provided in it's proper location on this web site. I'm also providing it as part of my profile because of my intense desire to live long enough to see it through to fruition and completion of what has become a personal dream for all alumni to provide a lasting legacy of our appreciation for the education we received and the wonderful memories afforded to us by way of the vision of our county leaders to provide quality over quantity of educational facilities throughout Giles County.


The first and possibly the most important part of our mission is to ensure our athletes have at their disposal the very safest equipment money can buy. This includes equipment such as baseball and football helmets, shoulder pads, knee pads/elbow pads for volleyball and basketball, protective eye-wear, etc. for all athletes in all sports. Some of these items are probably procured by the school but if not, then our Association helps. Secondly, and a longer range goal is to provide funding to construct a modern and fully equipped Athletic Field House. This will include, among other things, locker rooms for our home teams and also for our visitor teams. Thirdly, our Association needs to place emphasis on academic success and we can demonstrate our commitment to this important area by funding an annual athletic-scholar award (scholarship) to a deserving GHS student-athlete. Certainly, I think our mission will expand as various needs are identified but these are the ones that are currently out front. Hope this helps folks to understand what we will do to support GHS athletic programs.
Once we have attained success in pursuit of these initial goals, I visualize a more universal goal approach that concentrates on educational needs within our high school that is in harmony with the Giles County School Board, Giles County Board of Supervisors and the Giles County Schools Superintendent and staff. With the dedication, donation, and determination of the 7,634 graduates from Giles High School there is no limit to the good that can be realized as long as we never place emphasis on who deserves the credit.

Welcome to all,

Douglas J. Turner